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Stephen Gibbs
DOTS Stephen Gibbs
Founder / Creative Director

Stephen is a highly experienced creative based in Gateshead with over a decade of experience designing and delivering creative solutions for the market leader in the paints and coatings sector… AkzoNobel. At the beginning of the pandemic, Stephen made the decision to go full-time freelance and has since built excellent client relationships based on trust and his extensive industry knowledge.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Stephen spent four years building trust with clients and growing his freelance business. Excellent project management skills have allowed him to efficiently and effectively manage his expanding workload, delivering projects on time to highly satisfied clients. He has continued to work with renowned brands such as AkzoNobel, International and Interpon, showcasing his expertise in various design disciplines including video and motion graphics, design for print, interactive design, and design for the web.


Stephen has extensive experience in planning, design & development, and delivering campaigns for web, screen or paper, making him a valuable asset to any size client. His passion for design excellence and work ethics have earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable creative practitioner in the industry, particularly in his work with large organizations. Stephen has also worked with a range or start-ups and small businesses, delivering bespoke design solutions, offering creative support and guidance.


Stephen takes pride in his work and is proud to have helped contribute to AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip brand winning the IBEX 2019 Innovation Award. Additionally, his design-led wallet business, Boreal, was part of the ‘Starter for 10’ initiative led by Wayne Hemmingway, which was featured in Digital Arts Magazine. Stephen’s art and fashion brand, Since1982, has also been featured in the Northeast magazine, ‘The Crack.’


Meet the team at Wax Digital. We are a design agency that is proud to collaborate with a talented group of creative freelancers, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. Together, we offer a wide range of creative services to clients in various industries. Our growing team of freelancers includes graphic designers, illustrators and film makers, all of whom are passionate about their craft and dedicated to delivering exceptional work. Whether you need a new website, a film, animation or a comprehensive branding strategy, Wax Digital and our network of freelancers are here to help bring your vision to life.

DOTS Thom Sansom
3D & Motion Designer
A Newcastle based 3D generalist and motion designer. Working with everything digital and moving. Worked on several prominent projects such as “In An Animated Fashion” commissioned by Gateshead Council, creating animation for the Laurence Sterne archive at Cambridge University, and National Trust’s Seaton Delaval Hall. Specialising in Blender and After Effects to deliver quality projects for various clients.
DOTS Dan Robinson
Graphic Designer

Specialising in Branding and Typography, Dan Robinson is a Newcastle upon Tyne based Graphic Designer and Creative. Focused upon delivering not just the best product for clients but the right product.

You can learn more about Dan here:


DOTS David Brown

David began work as an editor before moving into camera work approx. 26 years ago. After a number of years employment he went freelance in 1996 as a camera operator working on soaps such as Chl 4’s ‘Brookside’ and ‘Hollyoaks‘ and comedy drama such as ITV’s ‘My Wonderful Life’.
His passion was and still is Documentaries and he soon had the opportunity as a Lighting Cameraman/DOP working for the BBC, Chl 4 & 5, Discovery & National Geographic. David has been fortunate to work with a host of talented Directors and Producers who continue to take him around Europe and the world.

You can learn more about David at:


DOTS Rachel Middleton

Illustrator currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. 

Rachel’s work revolves around creating narratives, emphasising idyllic and atmospheric moments. I work in various mediums, both traditional and digital, as well as animation to explore and construct stories.

Skilled in Adobe Suite, and watercolour/gouache painting.

You can see Rachel’s work at :


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