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Bringing energy and style to a Gateshead with church branding and website design

Our team was commissioned to create new look and feel for Alive Church at St George’s in Gateshead. The objective was to develop a brand identity for a young and dynamic Gateshead church group named Alive, while retaining the bridge element from the existing logo. The client requested a branding solution that exuded vibrancy and color. To meet this requirement, we crafted a brand guideline document for the client, which included multiple logo variations for various locations and groups in a range of color schemes. We designed the “Alive” text using the Karbon typeface, matching the weight of the existing bridge. Additionally, we created a splash element using the outline of the Gateshead area on a map, expanding it to create an impression of growth and energy, as well as to reinforce the brand message of “Come Alive”.

“Working with Wax Digital was a great experience. They created something beyond what we had hoped. We love their work.”



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